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Quote of the Day:

Just the other day I happened to meet a friend from days gone by. We were talking about the time that I used to spend working with young people in church. To my surprise, I realised that it has been 17 years! Looking back, I am indeed thankful for the opportunity to impact the hundreds of lives I have come into close proximity with - some for just a season, while others for more than 10 years.

I think with fondness of the young people who thrive almost instantly in my classes - for instance the students who participate wholeheartedly in the debates and mock parliamentary and campaign sessions. It always brings me much delight every time a student enjoys my lessons and strives to do his or her best in class. 

Then there are the youths who don't seem to perform in their studies no matter how much you try. But you just persist in what you do, and continue to build into their lives day after day. Then an opportunity arises, and you sit down with them, allowing them to unload everything that burdens them. You later forget about the incident, and continue with your daily life, only to hear from them months later thanking you for how you helped to bring meaning and direction to their lives. 

There are the young people whom you feel sad about; like the girl who shared during her first meeting that she has had more than 40 relationships. Then one day you hear from her that she is unmarried and pregnant. There are also those whom you have had to step in to mediate and even be there with them as they break up with their significant others in your presence. 

There are of course the precious ones whom you have been walking with over the years; those whom you have had to counsel and mentor them through difficult relationship woes and philosophical struggles. Then one day you talk to them and realise that they are now working towards finding a solution for the financial problems faced by undeveloped countries.

The test of a teacher lies in the day-to-day struggles in the classroom, making sure that your students do their best to learn.

But the rewards of a teacher go unnoticed most days, and sometimes it's only years later that you can see how many people have been impacted, and how much of a difference you have been to the students you have taught.

Wishing my fellow teachers a Happy Teachers Day. May you continue to do what you have always been doing. That's really enough!

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