Try and Score! A Review of RugBees Sports Programme for Kids

"RugBees is Asia's dedicated rugby play programme tailored for children from walking ages to 5 years old [and] adopts a 'Play & Learn' ethos, where children are taught key motor skills geared towards rugby principles such as catching, kicking, balance, co-ordination, team work and most importantly fun." 

- RugBees Singapore website

When we first heard of RugBees' interesting class philosophy, we got very excited! With two active boys who love to play ball, we thought that the class might be a wonderful opportunity for our sons to practice some important key motor skills, while at the same time learn how to listen to instructions in a guided fashion. So it was with a mixture of anticipation and excitement that 4-year-old Z and 2-year-old E went for their first-ever rugby class (an interesting development given that Sue and I have absolutely no inclination for sports whatsoever)!
Z and E getting ready with their rugby balls.
From the onset, the two coaches Nikki and Hani led the class in a friendly yet firm manner. We were apprehensive whether our sons would take well to the instructions, given their "independent" personalities. But our fears proved to be completely unfounded as both boys responded very well to the class, and the 10 students were led through a series of activities which involved running, hopping, and various rugby scoring techniques such as tries and touchdowns.
Coach Nikki teaching her students to run along a path of coloured markers while doing a "touchdown" at each instance.
Little E going for the "touchdown".
Students are also taught to sink the ball beyond the line and attempt a "try", subsequently lying on the
ball with their tummies.
Z enthusiastically practicing a "try".
The coaches were very concerned about their charges' wellbeing, stopping for water breaks in-between every activity and constantly guiding children who appeared to be distracted; while at the same time providing encouragement to those who were too tired or who just needed some space. Given that the class catered to children from a mix age range of 2-4 years, time was also given when kids refused to listen to instructions or when they threw a tantrum. 
Children getting ready to "feed the monster", an interactive game incorporating skills such as
running and aiming the ball.
The competitive element was cultivated as girls were pitted against boys to see who would come up tops.
All exhausted after the 45-minute session.
Perhaps the moment all were waiting for - a time to enjoy the special raisin snacks in reward for a game well played!
A photo moment with Coach Nikki

In all I believe the boys had a great time while at the same time learning key lifeskills that will help them to develop in a more holistic manner. 

Perhaps the clearest indicator of how much they enjoyed themselves was in a little activity that the boys engaged in almost a week after the class - little E took one of the cushions in our living room and placed it in the centre of the room, lying on it with his tummy. Older brother Z followed suit, placing his cushion on E, before jumping on the cushion and his brother.

Boys will be boys...

Note: This is a review arranged between RugBees Singapore and Parenting on Purpose. Z and E attended a complimentary lesson for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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