Seven Years & Counting

"You travel more than I do," remarked a friend who works in the airline industry. "Yes, that's true." I replied with a smile. "The difference is that you get paid and I don't!"

Sue and I love to travel. We travelled rather frequently before the kids came; and continue to do so even after their arrival. Our philosophy is that Daddy and Mummy love to travel; and by bringing our kids wherever we go, that they will be able to imbibe from the myriad of experiences that comes with travelling. 

Once a year, however, we make the conscious decision to leave the children with our parents, and to make a special trip on our own overseas. This holiday trip during our anniversary has been precious to us, and we decided that we would do this way before we even had children. 
Honeymoon @ Fraser's Hill, Malaysia. December 2007. So much in love!
Dalat, Vietnam. December 2008. First Year Anniversary Photoshoot. Away in the hills.
Bali, Indonesia. December 2009. Second Year Anniversary. A time to grieve.
Why the need to spend a "romantic" time away without the kids? Because it allows us space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Because it gives us time to re-connect with each other and rekindle our love for each other. Because it provides a time for us to reflect on the state of the marriage and to take stock of our life for the year ahead. 
Batam, Indonesia. December 2010. Third Year Anniversary. A much-needed break after the arrival of Z.
Batam, Indonesia. December 2011. Fourth Year Anniversary. A time to eat & rest!
Malacca, Malaysia. December 2012. Fifth Year Anniversary. Food fest! Our first trip after the arrival of E.
Malacca, Malaysia. December 2013. Sixth Year Anniversary. Taking stock.
Kunming, China. December 2014. Seventh Year Anniversary. Seeking rest.
Each time when we finally return from our trip, we look at the faces of our excited children who dash past the immigration doors to hug us. And we know that the time apart has done us good.

Z and E, it's because Daddy and Mummy love you so much. That's why we go away each year; so that we can come back all refreshed, and find the energy and strength to deal with life's stresses once again!

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