The Way Home: A Review & Giveaway of Squirky the Alien #4 & #5

Snow, snow and more snow.... That's what the travellers Squirky the Alien, Emma his Sister and Mr Quentin their friend, find on Planet S, the next planet in the quest to find Squirky's birth parents. And then, they find the huge letters written in the snow.... 


Where is My Mama, the fourth book in Melanie Lee's series, The Adventures of Squirky the Alien, deviates slightly from the main adoption plot, and turns to how children can learn to consider the interests of others before themselves. This, says Melanie in the forward, is what she had been learning in the months prior to writing the book, that "helping others is often an indirect way of helping yourself". 
Our little boys Z and E posing with Squirky 4 & Squirky 5. The boys love the Squirky series!
As a parent and an educator, I am in strong agreement with Melanie. There are many students whom I meet who adopt a "me first" attitude towards others when in school. And, observing some of the young kids with their parents in shopping centres and food centres, I can understand how this attitude of self-centredness can take root and grow.

Squirky's decision to help a friend on Planet S provides him with more clues that would eventually lead him closer to his birth parents... which brings us to Squirky 5...

How Do You Get to the Garden Galaxy? is the most dramatic of the series. Melanie shares in the forward that the ending to this book was tweaked in a major way following her own reflections regarding her son and his adoption story. She provided some insights into the nature of disclosure and how it is not some "great reveal", as what she had previously expected, but more like "brief mentions in everyday conversations".

"The only constant so far is that we try our best to be honest and to pay close attention to his emotional state."

Squirky 5 is one emotional roller coaster ride. We hold on tight when the travellers come as close as they ever get to finding Squirky's birth parents. And we hold our breath as the little blue alien makes arguably the most important decision regarding his birth family. There is laughter, and there are tears; and Squirky reflects on what he holds dearest in his heart. 
Z and E couldn't wait to get their hands on the books and to find out
what happened to Squirky.
Possibly one of Squirky's youngest fans?
Melanie's writing takes on a certain richness in the penultimate of the Squirky series. As an avid fan of the blue alien, we have travelled together with her on this incredible journey as an adoptive parent. Indeed the depth of her experience and the rich conversations with her son have coloured the Squirky books, and we have gained so much from these personal encounters. Through Squirky, we get to catch a precious glimpse into the heart of an adoptive mum, and we are also witnesses to what an adoptive child's search for his birth parents might be like.

When then does the search end? Squirky #6 promises to provide an answer to that question, something that most adoptive parents and children are also most eager to find out about!

Parenting on Purpose is pleased to provide one giveaway for Squirky #4 and Squirky #5.

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Comment on this post and share with us why you think some adoptive children choose to embark on a search for their birth parents and what we can do to help them.

The giveaway will end on Tue 10 May and entries must be submitted by 10pm.

And.... the winner of the Squirky giveaway is Karen Low! Congratulations! Kindly message us on Facebook with your mailing address!
The boys were thrilled to receive a personalised note from author Aunty Melanie.
So thrilled to meet illustrator David Liew at a recent fair. His lovely drawings bring Squirky to life!
If you would like to purchase copies of any of the books in the series, please refer to this link from our Sensational Play online store.


  1. It would be natural for some adoptive children to choose to embark on a search for their birth parents. So many questions unanswered. Why am I sent away for adoption? How do the people who gave birth to me look like?
    The world is round and in today's digital age, it may very well be possible for these children to find their birth parents but what we can help is to manage their expectations. So what after they find their birth parents? How would they wish to maintain the relationship after finding them out? What if they can find them after all? I would provide that morale and psychological support all along the way!

  2. I think the curiosity about our background, where we come from, what our purpose on earth and in life is, is built within each one of us. While some adopted children may feel that the past is not worth pursuing, I think many of them will always wonder how their birth parents look like and why they were given up. I would try to prepare an adopted child mentally on the possible scenarios that could happen in their search and if they do meet their adopted parents.


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